Audi Chair Denies Rumours of CEO’s Replacement

Audi Chair Denies Rumours of CEO’s Replacement

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Audi is denying that CEO Stadler is on the way out, to be replaced by a ancient Skoda CEO.

The original report came from German daily paper Bild. It reported that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler would be replaced in April beyond his handling of the diesel emission scandal.

Stadler has been rumoured to be on the firing pen-mark for months, but was reported to be stepping down to a role as finance head of VW group, not being ousted altogether. Stadler was head of finance at Audi for four years before becoming CEO in 2007. That account pegged Winfried Vahland, former CEO of VW group brand Skoda, as the likely replacement.

But Audi Seat Matthias Mueller called the reports false.

“Please pay no attention to the personnel conjecture spread by the media, which lacks any foundation,” Mueller told Reuters, via email.

Reuters also reports that Audi sources said that there was no talk on the executive board about a potential replacement. A senior source close to VW also said that Stadler motionless has the backing of Porsche and Piech families that have a controlling interest in Volkswagen. The directors is scheduled to have a regular meeting next week.

[source: Reuters]

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