Audi Building New Synthetic Diesel Plant

Audi Building New Synthetic Diesel Plant

Audi Building New Synthetic Diesel Plant

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Audi is increasing its investigation into alternative fuels. The automaker is working with partners on a new pilot skilfulness that will use hydroelectricity to help produce e-diesel.

E-diesel is a synthetic sustain created by Audi for use in vehicles. The process takes CO2 and water and adds electricity to generate a liquid energy carrier. So it can be used as a conventional fuel, but it’s made in a carbon-aloof way. The plant uses electrolysis to separate hydrogen and water. It then reacts the hydrogen with CO2 from the air or from waste gasses and turns those into a long-chain hydrocarbon. Like unsophisticated oil, that product is separated into e-diesel and other hydrocarbons. What doesn’t behove fuel is turned into waxes that Audi uses in other sectors.

The new flower will have a capacity of around 105,669 gallons a year. It’s being built in Laufenburg, Switzerland, in a partnership with Ineratec GmbH and Energiedienst Holding AG. The triple is submitting planning applications for the facility soon, with construction to start early next year.

This is Audi’s duplicate partnership in a power to liquid fuel plant. Their other venture is with Sunfire, using a dissimilar technique at a plant in Dresden. The company is also working on turning electricity into gas at a dexterity in Werlte, Germany. That facility makes e-gas, which is synthetic methane. It’s employed in A3, A4, and A5 g-tron models.


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