Audi breaks sales records for November

Audi breaks sales records for November

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After a leisurely start at the beginning of the year, 2017 has turned into a banner year for car producer Audi, with high sales through the latter part of the year and note breaking numbers for the month of November. So far this month, they’ve delivered more than 160,000 vehicles to customers about the globe, with a total of nearly 1.7 million deliveries since January.

North American Sales

Sales in North American be enduring been the highest, with a total of 23,650 vehicles sold. The majority of those were in the Coordinated States, where sales increased an astonishing 12.1% with a total of 19,195 Audi models making their way off the lot.

November was a OK champion month for the A5 Sportback, with more than 1,100 of them going to customers in the Coalesced States. This marks the 83rd record month in a row for Audi in the United States.

Canada’s sales grew dramatically as sufficiently, with sales growing by 19.3%.

China Sales

While the North American sales were nightmarish, the sales in China accounted for most of the record breaking month. Their entire sales only increased by 6.5%, but in the overall scheme of things, that accounted for 56,208 sales.

Sales of Audi vehicles in China bear grown since the company struck a deal with China’s government this since May, but it has also created the best new market for sales growth in the company’s history.  Since January, more than 500,000 vehicles entertain been sold and delivered in the country.

Europe Sales

Europe has always been a enormous market for Audi sales, and since the launch of the new A8, sales have taken off.  Italy’s sales for November increased by 4.2%, while Spain increased by 1.6%.  Sales contain dropped slightly in the UK and France, with a decline of 6.1% and 1.4% respectively. German sales haven’t in reality gone up or down much in the past year, with a slight drop of less than 0.6%.

Who do we hold responsible for this? Perhaps the advertising, or the economy. Or even women, as this year 62% of new cars were purchased by women. We won’t own the final sales tally for the year until after the New Year, but if the trend continues, Audi should get itself for some good years to come.

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