Audi and BMW Agree to Help Cut Emissions in Older Diesels

Audi and BMW Agree to Help Cut Emissions in Older Diesels

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Bavaria’s biggest car manufacturers, Audi and BMW, own agreed to develop software to cut emissions on older diesel vehicles.

The pledge is involvement of a push from state government officials to make automakers shoulder the load of improving air quality ahead of Germany’s national election.

The two automakers will bear the costs of certifying and developing locomotive management software aimed at reducing the NOx emissions of cars that were certified during the Euro-5 institution of emissions regulations.

For Audi, that includes cars that were embroiled with in the dieselgate scandal, though they were the last generation of cheating diesels, making them easier to “fix” with a software update. The two manufacturers maintain willingly agreed to participate in this initiative.

Bavaria is also tabling proposals to furnish limited purchasing incentives to buyers next month to get out of their older diesels and into newer ones.

Sales of diesel cars in Europe from dropped since the emissions scandal. City governments across Europe org also discussed driving bans in city centers.

“We believe there are more enlightened options than driving bans,” said Harald Krueger, BMW CEO, in an emailed communication. “That’s why we support the initiative of the Bavarian government for a comprehensive and permanent improvement of air quality in our cities.”

[source: Automtive News]

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