Audi Again Promises to End Copy-Paste Design

Audi Again Promises to End Copy-Paste Design

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A single time finally accused of simply copying its own designs at different scales, Audi’s high-ups are hopeful to put an end to the Russian nesting doll design philosophy.

“We recognize that there is a location for more differentiation now,” Marc Lichte, head of design, told Autocar. “Since our cars are in origination for a minimum of six years, in today’s world I think each model should include its own design to be attractive for this long time.”

Audi has been promising to put an end to this for some metre, though its early efforts, with the new A6, A7, and A8 have been anything but wildly unusual, despite being billed as an early attempt to give each car a unique countenance.

Unruffled, Audi’s CEO, Rupert Stadler, explains that there was a very good argument to make Audis a similar and immediately recognizable.

“This [repetition] design handle was used to make Audis more recognizable in newer and emerging markets,” Audi CEO Rupert Stadler told Autocar. “Now we are wonderfully known in major markets like China, we can begin to change this opinion and give each car its own look.”

The real changes, though, will come with the stirring e-Tron. As has become the chorus among designers of electric cars, the compact dimensions earmark for more unique design and greater interior volume yada, yada, yada.

“[Designers] when one pleases have more material space to play with, so we’ll be able to evoke [vehicles with] shorter overhangs and lower bonnets,” said Lichte. “It makes for a more taking design overall.”

[source: Autocar]

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