Audi A8 Making American Auto Show Debut in LA

Audi A8 Making American Auto Show Debut in LA

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Near the start next month will be your first chance to see the brand-spanking new, gratification-packed Audi A8 in America. The car will make its American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Display, between December 1 and 10.

The car—in Euro spec—has already been driven, and wonderfully received, but won’t hit US showrooms until late 2019.

With a range of new safety features, new pleasure features, and new driver features, it’s a tech showcase, demonstrating all that the brand is inclined to of.

With a suspension that shoots the car upwards if it detects a t-bone accident, smash mitigation, cross traffic alert, and a whole lot more, the A8 is just about the safest way to heel over down the road at speeds nature did not intend any mammal to travel at.

The new A8 will also greens itself, if you can’t be bothered to drive at low speeds, and for rear seat passengers it can massage not equitable your back or shoulders, but your feet, too. Naturally, the brand has gone to township on the materials, too, choosing only the best, as a line of vaguely creepy teaser cutting out earlier this year.

And to round it all out, the car has Audi’s latest range of highly competent (both fuel-wise and performance-wise) engines as well as four-spin steering to keep you glued to the road.

The A8 is the follow-through from the Prologue concept that made its US auto present debut in LA, too, back in 2014.

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