Audi A7 Teased Ahead of Reveal

Audi A7 Teased Ahead of Reveal

Audi A7 Teased Ahead of Reveal

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The shadow of the upcoming A7 has been teased by Audi and it looks about as you’d expect, but that’s not indeed a bad thing. The handsome Sportback line still dominates the design, but we’ll differentiate more about the details when it’s fully revealed on October 19.

While we weren’t endlessly really expecting a wild departure from the current A7—the A8 alerted us to the evolutionary world of Marc Lichte’s design philosophy—we had a preview of what the car would look like when a scope model leaked a few weeks ago.

That model, as well as Lichte himself, let us remember that the new A7’s grille would follow the A8’s angular design. In that question, Lichte said, though, that the A7’s grille would be a little sharper to throw back the sharper driving dynamics.

Spy photos have also revealed that the taillights, like the A8, when one pleases follow across the whole rear of the car. They won’t be exactly the same, though, since the manifest light design looks a little different and there doesn’t appear to be a chrome conceive line cutting across it, either.

More information will be available when the car is revealed on Thursday, but we trust to see a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo, a 2.9-liter pair-turbo V6 making 500 hp, and an RS7 that could reportedly make up to 700 hp.

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