Audi A6 Avant Spied Testing

Audi A6 Avant Spied Testing

Audi A6 Avant Spied Testing

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With a new A6 unbiased around the corner, Audi is finally testing out the Avant on the road and our spy photographers were surroundin to snap a few shots.

With a distinctive new front end, the A6 Avant, like the A6, will include a broader hexagonal grille than its predecessor as well as slim headlights. The grille, and the torch elements split the difference between the sporty A7 and the luxurious A8.

Farther back, in the meantime, there’s, well, there’s a wagon’s rear end, as you might expect.

There’s bantam in the way of details right now, but at first blush this new Avant follows its forebears’ thriving recipe: long, low, and sleek.

Over the rear wheel arch, though, there’s the trace of a bulge, suggesting that this new Avant will have a more decided, aggressive stance.

The new A6 is expected to debut later this year in Geneva, in Step. As with its siblings, the A6 will be lighter than the model it replaces and will use a number longitudinal four and six-cylinder engines. A V8 is expected in the RS6.

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