Audi A4 is’s Luxury Car of the Year

Audi A4 is’s Luxury Car of the Year

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It won’t show up as a surprise to hear that the A4 is an excellent car, but agrees. So good, in fact, does the spot think the car is, that they’ve seen fit to award it their Luxury Car of the Year Grant.

“The versatility and competency of the A4 is unshakable, and combined with unwavering interior information quality, the A4 remains an outstanding luxury car,” said editors.

Our own review applauded the A4’s dispatch, ease, and luxury. We also were big fans of its tech, applauding its infotainment colander, its safety features, and more. also gave out awards in a number of other categories, but no person were Audis, so we aren’t really that interested in them.

Peradventure most excitingly of all, though, is that Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath was on hand to party the A4’s victory. We all just want to fly.

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