Audi A1 Arrives; A Forecasting Small Car Designs to Come?

Audi A1 Arrives; A Forecasting Small Car Designs to Come?

Audi A1 Arrives; A Forecasting Small Car Designs to Come?

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Following the redesign of Audi’s big sedans, the automaker can advance its focus to its small cars, starting with the A1. Just revealed (following a photo gap earlier this morning), the European A1 shows how Lichte plans to make Audi’s short cars stand out.

The MQB-based A1 (that’s VW’s chassis that underpins everything from the Polo to the Golf to the A3) gets an all-new draw up with contrasting roof colors, new interior accoutrements, and a range of small engines.

Ranging from a 1.0-liter three-cylinder making 95 hp to a 2.0-liter I4 making 200 hp, the pocket A1 will have diminutive engines, too.

Inside, meanwhile, owners get more interruption and a bunch of luxury touches, like a 10.25-inch digital instrument flock and an up to 10.1-inch infotainment screen.

The real highlight, as it were, is the exterior lay out, though. It has so far drawn the ire of some commentators with Sniff Petrol writing a diatribe against the organiz on Twitter, saying “and what the merry fart satchel is going on roughly the back lights? CREASY NONSENSE, that’s what.” (We recommend reading the lot thread, it’s a delightful tour of the UK’s many minced oaths)

While we’re not very as disgusted with the design as Sniff Petrol, it is still… maybe busy is the mos word for it.

With light elements whose design is very much in keeping with the A6 and A7, and auxiliary grilling down by where the fog lights should go that’s reminiscent of the Q8, it’s easy to see where the conceive cues are coming from.

It’s all academic for us, because whether or not we like it, we won’t have to interact with it quite much. But with the A3 starting to look a little long in the tooth—having show up out in 2012—we may have to have a similar debate about its fresh kisser.

The current, dare we say handsome, A3 was refreshed in 2017, so a new A3 isn’t imminent. Hopefully by the team it reaches us, Audi determination have figured out the design.

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