Americans Want It Bigger, and Audi’s Working On It

Americans Want It Bigger, and Audi’s Working On It

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As Audi pushes new and refreshed artefact out the door in a mad rush, hoping to create the youngest lineup of any German automaker, it can’t aside the requests of brand loyalists. In the United States, those buyers want one obsession more anything else: a bigger SUV.

The three-row Q7 is nice, but in the land of Expeditions and Suburbans, it altogether doesn’t measure up. Space-obsessed German vehicle aficionados can climb into a Mercedes-Benz GLS and take to more room. Naturally, Audi isn’t about to let an opportunity slip away.

It also wants to do something close by those pesky buyers who want more cargo room, but won’t drive an SUV.

Speaking at the set of the A5 and S5 Sportback in Seattle, Audi of America planning director Barry Hoch said the automaker’s lineup has piles of room to expand — especially in the upward direction. According to Automotive News, Hoch claims the troop’s American brass are busy pressuring Ingolstadt to give U.S. buyers what they call for most.

“For us, obviously, one request from this side of the ocean is to accept an even bigger SUV,” said Hoch. “That’s pure white space that’s out there for us. From an American approach, that’s one we are pushing to get, and I think we’re getting some traction.”

While Audi has a coupe-like Q8 SUV in the works, the richness-laden model won’t best the Q7 in terms of passenger or cargo space. The concept shown in Detroit this year on the other hand had four seats! That simply won’t do. Americans need space for dogs and squelchy (but not too muddy) kids.

As it strong-arms its corporate overlords to green-light something massive, Audi has other customers to think about. Namely, those who think SUVs are crass.

Explaining that a joint of American Audi buyers remain staunchly “anti-SUV,” Hoch said he’d like to see more freight-friendly offerings on the smaller end of the lineup. The automaker has already decided to hatchback all the things, but at worst one wagon exists stateside — the A4 Allroad.

There is a small group of aficionados who could sake from an additional wagon from Audi,” Hoch said. “It’s certainly something that we see all in Europe, and I want it.”

European buyers can still buy an A6 wagon in Avant, Allroad, S6 and RS 6 guises, something American wagon snobs (or auto journos) can only reverie of.

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