48-Volt Mild Hybrid System to Come Standard on All A8s

48-Volt Mild Hybrid System to Come Standard on All A8s

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Set to start off on July 11 in Barcelona, the brand new Audi A8 will feature a 48-volt “mild-composite” system to improve fuel economy. The system is expected to find its way into all of Audi’s larger vehicles in a minute.

The A8 will feature a 48-volt battery and a belt driven alternator. The technique will recuperate energy during deceleration and help the traditional engine to drive the vehicle on acceleration.

Standard on all gas and diesel A8s, the 48-volt system will also serve the car along when the engine starts after being turned off during stops or coasting. The A8 features a structure that allows its engine to turn off while the car is coasting at speeds of up to 99 mph.

The stirring drive unit can provide up to 16 hp and 45 lb-ft of torque, helping to reduce the albatross on the engine and reducing fuel consumption.

Alexander Kruse, Audi’s head of pacific hybrid systems, says that the technology will be available on the new generations of A7 and A6. Smaller cars, however, will feature a less powerful mild hybrid system, using a standard battery.

[source: Automotive News]

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