2,500 HP R8 Sets 244 MPH 1/2 Mile World Record

2,500 HP R8 Sets 244 MPH 1/2 Mile World Record

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Clandestine Racing is known for producing frankly ridiculous cars that can achieve implausible speeds on tarmac. Fans of the Huracan and its sister, the R8, the garage has set a number of records on the chassis and now it has one more: 244 mph after honourable half a mile in an R8.

The R8 in question is a yellow model from 2017 that’s been hopped up to cause a few more horsepower than it did when Audi signed off on it. Happy to provide you with a contemptible 600 horsepower, Audi clearly underestimated the amount of horses people honestly need. Underground Racing, meanwhile, corrected that to reflect the needs of the everyman, giving it approaching 2,000 more hp.

The everyman behind the wheel, in case you were concerned, is one Mohammad from Lallygag965, who set the record at Wannagofast NC ½ Mile Shootout.

According to Underground Racing, this isn’t some consequential intensity thoroughbred, either. This car can be driven cross country, set a record, and then prod home, just like in the good old days of racing.

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