Aston Martin Vantage AMR is road-going follow-up to AMR Pro

Aston Martin Vantage AMR is road-going follow-up to AMR Pro

Aston Martin Vantage AMR is road-going follow-up to AMR Pro

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Two months ago, Aston Martin launched its new AMR stroke of vehicles with a pair of limited-edition cars. One was a slightly warmed-up Rapide sedan called the Rapide AMR, and the other was a footmarks-only Vantage with a race-car-derived V8 called the Vantage AMR Pro. Now the company has released a third, or third and fourth depending on how you’re counting, epitome that splits the difference. The new Vantage AMR, sans the Pro part, is available with either a V8 or a V12, and can be had as either a coupe or convertible.

What erect the Vantage AMR special are limited production and aesthetic upgrades. Only 300 examples last will and testament be made, 200 of which will have the V8, while the other 100 obtain the V12. The V8 doesn’t make any more power than the standard model, but the V12 produces an addition 30 horsepower over the standard model for a total of 595. Aston Martin also offers an uncoerced titanium exhaust to improve the sound of these engines and reduce weight, but it doesn’t replacement output.

Observers of these Astons will be able to spot them by their uncommon paint schemes with a center stripe down the middle. The cars can be had in pasty with an orange stripe, black with a blue stripe, blue with a red feather, or silver with a gray stripe. There’s also a “Halo Pack” that includes a rural paint scheme similar to Aston Martin’s GT racing cars, complete with a lime unripened stripe. There’s also a no-cost option to add an Aston Martin badge painted in the colors of the Amalgamating Jack. Every color combination comes with a color-coordinated land-locked, too.

Just because this is a very rare Aston Martin doesn’t note there aren’t any options. On the contrary, there are quite a few, mostly concerning appearances. On the fa, carbon fiber side skirts, headlight housings, and grille are all available. An aerodynamics kit is also within reach that adds a big rear wing, front splitter, and front canards for additional downforce. Lightweight forged wheels are also ready. Inside, the carbon fiber decoration continues with available seats, apparatus surround, window sills, and grab handles.

Depending on whether you’re converting Euros or British pounds, an Aston Martin Vantage AMR will-power start between about $125,000 or $143,000. That doesn’t really event, though, since the Vantage AMR won’t be offered in the US. It will only be available in the UK, Europe, China, and the Asia Pacific district. Middle Eastern buyers can also pick one up, but only the V12 variant.


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