Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Team Up for Next Generation Hypercar

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Team Up for Next Generation Hypercar

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Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Collaborate Up for Next Generation Hypercar

Aston Martin and Modus operandi One team Red Bull Racing have officially announced a new partnership which desire see Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s Chief Applied Officer, and Aston Martin’s Chief Originative Officer Marek Reichman collaborate on producing the next genesis hypercar.

The combined talents of Newey, one of the most wealthy Formula One designers in the sport’s history, and Reichman, Aston Martin’s delineate chief since 2005, are set to produce the essential hypercar that will fuse Aston Martin’s signature sports car block out with cutting edge F1TMtechnology.

Codenamed Scheme ‘AM-RB 001’ this new Innovation Partnership consolidates the profoundly best aerodynamicists, composite experts and manufacturing masters, and intention surely be an exciting prospect for enthusiasts everywhere the world.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “Formula One offers the extreme global stage to build wider awareness of the Aston Martin trade mark. However, this partnership will take round even more than that when the hypercar that Aston Martin and Adrian Newey are in the method of developing hits the road.”

He added: “These are overpowering times for Aston Martin and arriving hot on the heels of our DB11 fling earlier this month, this new partnership underlines that our brand name really is racing again.”

About the new partnership, Red Bull Racing Side Principal Christian Horner said: “This is a totally exciting project for everyone at Red Bull Racing. Inclusive of this Innovation Partnership the iconic Aston Martin logo drive return to grand prix racing for the cardinal time since 1960, and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, led by Adrian, when one pleases be harnessing our Formula One DNA to produce the ultimate of all means cars. It’s an incredible project which also realises a reverie and vision long held by Adrian to map a road car. We are very much looking first to what I’m certain will be a successful partnership.”

As the artificer of landmark models such as the Aston Martin DB11, which was unveiled at the Geneva Universal Motor Show earlier this month, Marek Reichman is the man to carry the design language of the modern era Aston Martin car to this conjure up.

He said: “We are in the process of developing a hypercar that combines the latest in aerodynamics from F1TM and the stupendous design language of an Aston Martin sports car. He added: “The occasion to collaborate with Adrian (Newey) and Red Bull Advanced Technologies resolve be a fascinating experience for everyone involved.”

Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies acclaimed the new partnership at the Australian Grand Prix earlier this month by adding the iconic Aston Martin wings to the face of the RB12 F1 cars – a feature they will pick up with throughout the 2016 season.

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