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Audi Will Unveil the Q8 in June (0)

We’ve heard a lot hither the new Q8 over the last couple of months, but now we finally know when we’ll get to see it. That’s because Audi announced at

Electric Audi E-Tron GT Shown Ahead of 2020 Arrival (0)

A block out sketch for the electric Audi e-tron GT has been released by the German automaker ahead of its arrival in 2020. The e-tron GT thinks be a “highly dynamic” electric

Things Aren’t Looking Good for the R8, But It’s Not Quite Dead Yet (0)

Audi currently has no plans for a successor to the much loved R8, according the type’s R&D chief, Peter Mertens. Speaking to Car and Driver at the Geneva Motor Show,

Lamborghini Has Now Built Over 10,000 Huracans (0)

Launched in 2014, the Lamborghini Huracan has helped the Italian automaker hit records all around the Terra. The milestone 10,000th unit is heading to Canada as a Performante variant sporting

Watch: John Hennessey Drives a Twin Turbo R8 (0)

When you informed entertain the name John Hennessey, you may first think of American cars, but the maker of the Poison is a big fan of V10s. Willing and able

VW to Build EVs in 16 Factories Worldwide (0)

The Volkswagen Clique’s electric ambitions will require it to expand EV production to 16 factories nearly the world, according to the automaker. Volkswagen made its claim at its annual press

Watch: How Audi’s Electric Supercharger Works (0)

48-Volt electrical systems are on their way and they’ve been called a lot of things, up to and including a “mild-composite” system. Just what does that mean? Well, Engineering Explained

All-New RS5 Starts at $70,875 (0)

Audi’s latest Relaxation model is here. The 2018 Audi RS 5 coupe is on sale now. The second-generation RS5 adds more gig, more style, and more refinement to the RS5

Audi Sales Up in February (0)

Audi announced another obtain in sales for February, up 4.6 percent worldwide from that month in year. Sales globally were up to 130,950. That’s up 4.6 percent year over year, 

Audi’s Biggest Batch of E-Gas Ready for Testing (0)

Audi is content to start testing its biggest batch of synthetic e-gas, now that they have done made enough for engine tests. Audi’s e-benzin e-fuel is a watery isooctane made