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A faster Bentley Bentayga Speed is coming (0)

With 600 horsepower on tap, the Bentley Bentayga already claims the cover as the fastest, most powerful SUV on the market. The latest reports suggest that there’s an even faster,

The Audi R8 e-tron is dead with less than 100 built (0)

According to a statement from Car and Driver, the Audi R8 e-tron is gone (again!) after fewer than 100 examples of the all-moving model were built. This is an anticlimactic

Volkswagen Group recalls 281,505 VWs and Audis for fuel leaks (0)

The Basics: Volkswagen Assemblage is recalling 281,505 total Volkswagen and Audi mark products in the United States for potential stimulus leaks. Certain versions of the Audi A3, A6, A7, Q5,

Junkyard Gem: Fully depreciated 2001 Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro (0)

A monstrous big A8 with a long wheelbase and all-wheel-oblige is just the thing for a serious player with an oligarch-station bankroll and the need to get to important corporate

Why Audi is staking its future on electric SUVs (0)

This much we certain: SUVs and crossovers sell like hotcakes. The fraternity style has become such a juggernaut that for the beforehand time in recorded history, sport utes whip out

There’s an 820-hp Aston Martin Vulcan heading to auction (0)

Aston Martin however made 24 examples of its track-single Vulcan, all of which sold out in the blink of an eye. Owners were from one’s own viewpoint invited by the

Aston Martin, Red Bull show off V12-powered hypercar (0)

Not numberless companies are capable of developing true hypercars. Today, Aston Martin resoundingly declared it intends to be one of them, revealing a V12-powered mid-locomotive hypercar created in tandem with

Aston GT12 Roadster is a one-off convertible from Q Division (0)

The Aston Martin GT12 is already the most course-focused, hardcore variant in the Vantage lineup. Q by Aston Martin has made the GT12 a undersized more special by unveiling a

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato goes into limited production (0)

Thanks to “unprecedented patron interest,” Aston Martin has confirmed plans to enlarge a limited production run of Vanquish Zagato coupes. Impartial 99 wealthy owners will get the liberty to park

BMW could add all-electric Mini, X3 SUV (0)

BMW’s Mini sub-maker will add a battery-electric variant as the followers looks to meet stricter emissions mandates around the crowd, according to an interview Bloomberg News conducted with CEO Harald