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Audi A4 is’s Luxury Car of the Year (0)

It won’t show up as a surprise to hear that the A4 is an excellent car, but agrees. So good, in fact, does the spot think the car is,

Gallery: The Audis of NAIAS (0)

Audi didn’t from any new products in Detroit this year, but they did show the A7 at a car show for the first chance. With headlights to die for and

Audi Formula E Driver Muller Sets Marrakesh Track Record (0)

Rookie Audi Blueprint E driver Nico Müller set a Formula E lap record while walking away from the repose of the rookie class. The rookie-only test took place at the

VW Agrees to $232 Million 3.0L TDI Settlement in Canada (0)

The latest milestone in the TDI defilement has been reached in Canada, as VW’s northern division has agreed to a $232 million working-out for its diesel dishonesty. The agreement will provide the

Find of the Day: Blancpain Competition R8 (0)

Audi likes to vaunt about how its R8 shares 50% of its parts with a race car, but what if you could 100% more intelligent? Now you can, with this

Porsche is Developing an Electric Supercar Platform (0)

The Volkswagen Crowd has tasked Porsche with creating a new platform for electric supercars. According to Automotive Tidings Europe, Porsche is set to develop a platform for electric sports cars and

Audi Closes the Year Strong, Breaks Sales Record (0)

Notwithstanding having  rough start to the year, Audi AG rallied and finished the year powerful. Thanks to a strong finish, the brand managed to sell upwards of 1.8 million vehicles

A7 to Make Auto Show Debut in Detroit (0)

The Audi A7 Sportback is making its debut at the North American Foreign Auto Show next week in Detroit. It’s the first time the car resolution be seen at an

Audi Q7 is one of Car and Driver’s Top 10 Truck & SUV of the Year (0)

The automotive activity could not provide a truck or SUV good enough to displace the Audi Q7 from Car and Driver’s 10 pre-eminent list in 2017. The Q7’s practicality, along

Autogravity Adds Audi to List of Lending Deals (0)

A new retinue is trying to make it easier to buy or lease a new Audi. Autogravity is a startup that wants to press it easier to buy or lease