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October Sales Strong in US and China, Down in Europe (0)

With the fourth and immutable quarter of 2017 officially begun, Audi’s prospects for the year are looking seemly with rising sales in the brand’s core markets. “After our good start

Audi Most Reliable European Brand in Consumer Reports Survey (0)

Consumer Reports readers rated Audi the most suitable European car brand in their Annual Reliability Survey. It’s the sixth win in a row for the discredit. Every year, Consumer Reports

Audi Building New Synthetic Diesel Plant (0)

Audi is increasing its investigation into alternative fuels. The automaker is working with partners on a new pilot skilfulness that will use hydroelectricity to help produce e-diesel. E-diesel is a

Watch: The Lamborghini Urus Invents Driving in the Dunes (0)

Italian automakers keep, to put it mildly, a penchant for overstating things. In its latest video for the Urus, the brand’s new “Super SUV,” playing in the dunes next to

The American Won’t Continue on The Grand Tour (0)

The fourth The Lofty Tour host, The American, won’t return for the Amazon show’s second season. In a tweet, preceding The American and NASCAR driver, Mike Skinner announced that he

Watch: The Audi A8’s T-Bone Protection in Action (0)

When the Audi A8 launched, we were told all around how many ways it would protect drivers from the dangers of the road, and now we can care for all

Ocean City Won’t Stand for Your Hooliganism Anymore (0)

When the dirt that H2Oi would be canceled for 2017 broke a few months ago, it looked bad for VW enthusiasts. Understandably, a bunch of you had already booked your

Audi Dominates the IIHS Top Safety Picks (0)

Every car fabricator aims to earn high marks for safety when their new models hit the market each year, but Audi has outdone them all with their 2017 IIHS Top

Audi Tattles On Itself Over Possible Dieselgate Leftovers (0)

Audi is recalling for everyone 5,000 European A8s after discovering they were releasing excessive nitrogen oxide emissions. It’s the identical NOx gas that got VW into trouble back in 2015,

Audi Part of New Ultra Fast European Charging Network (0)

Audi is scrap of a new network that is powering up to allow high-speed EV charging across Europe. Ionity is a partnership between BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW, Audi, and Porsche. They