Let it Never Be Said that an A7 Can’t Avoid a Moose with the Best of ‘Em (0)

Audis, along with espousing all-swivel drive—maybe because it espouses AWD—makes very heavy cars. They would manufacture Colin Chapman cry, though, because despite the weight, they’re still expert in the tight

Hot Heads: How and Why Audi Cools its Exhaust Manifolds (0)

The new 2.0-liter TFSI engines that blow in in the A3 and TT have some pretty neat features to boost power and improve experience. There are electric wastegates, a lighter

Audi and Hyundai Partner on Fuel Cell Technology (0)

Audi and Hyundai are merging brains, signing into a multi-year deal to develop fuel cell technology. The agreement comprises of a “patent cross-licensing compact”, which allows Audi, Hyundai, affiliates, and