Audi’s All-Electric Crossover is Finally Nearing Production (0)

Spy photographers receive caught the Audi E-Tron Quattro testing with light camouflage in Germany. The upcoming all-electric crossover is set to compete with the Tesla Model X, and the latest model looks to be a near-production test car. Audi first previewed the crossover with

Report: A8 to Start at $83,800 in the US (0)

In spite of coming as standard with considerably more, the 2019 A8 will only fetch $1,300 more than the model in replaces. That’s according to a report from Track Show,

As Deaths Climb, Safety Advocates Want Renewed Action on Push-button Ignition Danger (0)

That’s a safety feature, as the car’s key fob rests safely in your take at that particular moment. The car isn’t sure what you’re up to — it just knows you communistic the vehicle running,

R8 Driver Trades Horrifying Crash for Slightly Less Horrifying Crash at Nurburgring 24 (0)

Although racing has made special and heroic strides in safety technology, there’s still inevitable danger to driving at turbulent speeds on a tight track with other people. To wit, Dries

Audi Casts Q8 in Action Movie Ad Campaign (0)

Without considering teasing it in near-production guise in nearly a year the Q8 still hasn’t report in, but Audi is really ramping up the anticipation now with a five-part series