Watch: APR Audi RS3 Runs Nine-Second Quarter Mile (0)

Audi tuner APR has been pushing the Audi 2.5L five-cylinder to higher and higher power levels. Now they’ve gotten an RS3 to demolish into the nine-second window in the quarter

Porsche Panamera Platform Could Spawn 928 Successor (0)

The chassis and powertrain encase currently serving in the Porsche Panamera and Panamera Sport Turismo may spawn a two-door coupe model, according to a new description. German publication AutoBild claims a front-engine, two-door model could attain by as

Report: Your Car Will One Day Have a Brake-by-Wire System (0)

You’ll on numerous occasions hear automakers talk about how they take what they learn at the track and from racing and on it to their road cars. “What does knowing the ins