Audi Wants to Make a Big Convertible SUV and it Looks Weird AF (0)

Audi recently took a unmistakeable out on a new type of convertible folding mechanism that allows for a convertible to be designed with B and D pillars. The patent shows

The New Stratos is Finally Being Built, And it Will Have 550 HP (0)

Way aba in 2010, entrepreneur and car enthusiast Michael Stoschek tried to revive the storied Lancia Stratos monicker with a coachbuilt supercar based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The resulting concept,

Audi’s Back at it with the Brilliant Billboards (0)

Recall when Audi and BMW had a billboard fight? Yeah. Happier days. Well, the days may not be getting much more wisely, but at least BMW and Audi are back

Audi Sales are Going Gangbusters in China (0)

So, 2018 has started off marvellously for Audi. Sales for the brand have grown substantially in both the US and China, which translates to a big bulge in sales for