Gallery: The Audis of NAIAS (0)

Audi didn’t from any new products in Detroit this year, but they did show the A7 at a car show for the first chance. With headlights to die for and

Audi Formula E Driver Muller Sets Marrakesh Track Record (0)

Rookie Audi Blueprint E driver Nico Müller set a Formula E lap record while walking away from the repose of the rookie class. The rookie-only test took place at the

VW Agrees to $232 Million 3.0L TDI Settlement in Canada (0)

The latest milestone in the TDI defilement has been reached in Canada, as VW’s northern division has agreed to a $232 million working-out for its diesel dishonesty. The agreement will provide the

Find of the Day: Blancpain Competition R8 (0)

Audi likes to vaunt about how its R8 shares 50% of its parts with a race car, but what if you could 100% more intelligent? Now you can, with this