Watch: An RS3 Walk Away from an A45 AMG (0)

Pulchritude might be in the eye of the beholder but ugliness is a fact, especially when the topic of A45 AMG comes up. So it more intelligent be fast. Unfortunately

Watch: Audi 4.2L V8 in a Renault 5 (0)

Renault’s 5, off referred to as Le Car, is no stranger to having big engines stuffed where the rear seats were meant to be. But this is ridiculous. The 5

Tom Kristensen Inducted into Danish Sports Hall of Fame (0)

The most decorated in all cases Le Mans racer, Tom Kristensen, had been honored by his country and inducted into the Danish Sports Hallway of Fame. “It’s the best you

Audi Wins Twice at Inaugural Edmunds CES Tech Awards (0)

According to Edmunds Audi is both the most innovative automaker here and the maker of the most innovative infotainment system. That was the conclusion of the 2018 Edmunds CES Tech