Audi Set One Big Sales Record and 12 Littler Ones in 2017 (0)

It shouldn’t go about a find as a surprise given the clockwork headlines of monthly sales records, but Audi of America outdid itself in 2017, stage set a new annual

Oregon Really Doesn’t Want to Pump its Own Gas (0)

A new law took drift in Oregon on Monday and it’s causing a hilarious freakout in America’s certain state. In a state where full-service gas stations have been the single

Audi Kinda Wants a 2-Door A8, but Prolly Can’t (0)

Okay, it’s the new year and not much has happened yet. So here’s a story of minor interest: Marc Lichte, Audi’s sketch out boss, has told Autocar that he likes

Audi Again Promises to End Copy-Paste Design (0)

A single time finally accused of simply copying its own designs at different scales, Audi’s high-ups are hopeful to put an end to the Russian nesting doll design philosophy. “We