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Spy Photographers Get a Peek Inside the New Audi Q8 (0)

There aren’t extremely many buttons to be seen within the cabin of the new Audi Q8. The production Audi Q8 is expected to originate its debut sometime next year and

Report: Next RS7 Will Make Up to 700 HP (0)

The new hot streak of Porsche/Audi partnership is bearing all kinds of fruit. The latest is a 700 hp RS7, the follow-up of the same hybrid powertrain from the Panamera

Audi Orchestra Pays Tribute to Past Emmy Winners (0)

Whether or not you caught ultimately weekend’s Emmy Awards, you may want to catch Audi USA’s latest ads that pay recognition to winners from the past. The ads feature an

TT RS Makes Road & Track’s Car of the Year List (0)

In this amorphous world full of unknowns, unknown unknowns, and the terrifying knowns, the journalist contrariwise has one task: to tirelessly list. Yes, the best, the worst, all must be

Audi is the Most Future-Ready Brand (0)

BrandTrust recently released the results of its Spring Index, which ranks automotive brands on how well-prepared they are to work at in the future of the automotive industry, and Audi

A5 and Q5 in Consideration for Car of the Year Awards (0)

The North Americans Car and Stuff of the Year Awards semifinalists were announced recently, and two Audis made the cut: the A5/S5 Sportback and the Q5. The vehicles are competing

Recalled Diesel Volkswagens and Audis Stolen from Silverdome Storage (0)

Dozens of recalled Volkswagen diesels have vanished from the Silverdome parking lot in Pontiac, Michigan, during the course of past last week. The stadium was once home to the Detroit Lions and monster sundries

The R8 RWS is Coming to America (0)

Joy of joys! The US purpose not be excluded from partaking in Audi’s first rear-wheel-drive wonderful car, the R8 RWS (Rear Wheel Series). Confirmation comes today from Audi spokesperson Fingerprint

America Won’t Get the RS4 Avant (0)

The tall-performance compact wagon market is a niche too far for Audi, which won’t sell the RS4 Avant in America. Revealed on Tuesday at the Frankfurt motor display, the Avant

China’s Pending Fossil Fuel Ban Stands To Stimulate EV Development into Overdrive (0)

As numerous countries and automakers set deadlines to ban fossil fuel powered vehicles, the latest to potentially add its label to the list is the world’s largest car market, China.