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Audi’s Formula E Debut Ended in Abject Failure (0)

Audi’s incomparably anticipated Formula E debut in Hong Kong really sucked. Absolutely nothing went proper for Audi during Formula E’s season-opening weekend. Team Audi Relaxation ABT Schaeffler’s new e-tronFE04 cars

Audi Sees Big Sales Gains in November (0)

Persuade by The A5 Sportback, Audi’s November sales showed a 12.1-percent grow for November compared with the same month last year. That makes a 6.7-percent bring in for the full

Audi A6 Headlights Caught in Spy Pics (0)

The upcoming A6 is the latest car in the Audi collection set for the Marc Lichte treatment and now we have our first look at the head and tail lights.

Gallery: Audi at the LA Auto Show (0)

What the LA Auto Usher lacked in new car reveals, it made up for in technology and announcements. Despite that, there was peaceful some lovely metal on display. From the

FC Barcelona Players Pick up New Audis, Get Hot Laps (0)

The players of FC Barcelona took dwelling their new company cars in a ceremony earlier this week. Since you’re reading it here, you be inf they’re driving home Audis, as

Audi to build two electric SUVs in Germany (0)

Thrilling cars are growing more and more popular with each passing year, and after the moneymaking launch of its e-tron electric SUV in Brussels, Audi is under more pressure than

VW Wants to Sell Cars in Five Clicks (0)

Volkswagen was looking toward the future in LA this week, shining a light on what’s coming in terms of sales. Irresistible a page out of Amazon’s book, the company wants

How Does Traction Control Work? (0)

Grip control technology became a mandatory feature on all passenger cars and light trucks in 2012 and the driving community is all the safer for it. Gripping power control is

How to Prepare Your Car Battery for the Winter (0)

Batteries are not energizing things. They store power. They make our stuff work. You entertain to replace or recharge them sometimes. You can get new ones almost anywhere. Nobody thinks

2019 Audi RS7 Test Mule Spied Testing (0)

Rumors that the RS7 would own up to 700 hp have been swirling around the internet, so you’ll forgive us if we’re on edge to see anything RS7-related, even if