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Watch: Audi’s Christmas Campaign Takes an RS7 to Hell (the Mall) (0)

Dry, recycled air, drained songs known more for their content than their quality, and a sea of ornery shoppers lining up for the liberty to spend too much. Yes, the

Audi A8 Making American Auto Show Debut in LA (0)

Near the start next month will be your first chance to see the brand-spanking new, gratification-packed Audi A8 in America. The car will make its American debut at the Los

Stretched Q5 Bound for Chinese Market (0)

Audi is stretching the Q5, adding to the yearn list of small cars and SUVs that are getting longer for the Chinese furnish. There aren’t any official photos yet, but

VW Group Sets Aside $11.8 billion to Build EVs in China (0)

When we were told the charged revolution was on its way, most of us probably assumed at least some of that vehicular resurgence would take place outside of China. But

A5 and Q5 Win Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards (0)

According to Les Kelley and his Down in the mouth Book, the Audi A5 is the best luxury car money can buy, while the Q5 is the best luxury SUV

Walter Rohrl Says Ekstrom Shouldn’t Retire (0)

Audi has put multitudinous legendary drivers behind the wheel of its cars, but perhaps the most legendary is Walter Rohrl and he over that Mattias Ekstrom still has what it

Singer and Williams Debut the Achingly Cool 911 964 ‘DLS’ (0)

When we before learned Porsche restomod specialists Singer had teamed up with Formula 1 get Williams on a new project, we knew the resulting car would be impressive. The two

Audi Clinches Second-Place in World Rally RX Championship (0)

For the subsequent time this year, Mattias Ekstrom has finished a season of racing in deficient place. Fresh off his runner-up status in DTM, the Audi stalwart has secured second

Watch: How far can this Audi SQ5 go with a fuel range of zero? (0)

We’ve all been there: blazing at the fuel gauge, hands sweating, wondering exactly how many miles it positively will be before that desperately needed gas station appears on the horizon

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your Car (0)

A car that reeks of smoke fetor and cigarettes can lead to a host of problems. Those issues can range from elfin inconveniences such as dealing with uncomfortable passengers in